I find this helps :)

Minimum of 16 hours of driving lessens.

This is where the fun begins.  Hope you like manual Kancils.  It’s not so bad-it teaches humility more than anything else.  Here you not only learn to drive but to park as well.  The instructors tend to be very helpful and will work on any problem areas.  All you need do is ask.

Take the driving tests.  One on the open road, the other in a car park.

Nervous? Don’t be.  It’s simple.  Just do as you did in practice, don’t be in a rush and everything will be fine.  The car park test consists of performing a three point turn, a hill start (which can be a little tricky) and reverse parking.  The open road is much more fun, just go for a drive for about 5 minutes, turn around

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KHY1680 said...

gambateh yo^^
dun give up o..
i believe that u can d!!

yi-leven said...

i wan learn ><

我只希望你会开心。。。 said...

dun panik lah~ u can de~ juz get a few hpours lesson~ and dun bother the car behind u then ok d^^
gambateh ya