Gathering ^^

It's another primary gathering and this time we had FUN in teacher Toh's house^^
Not many people attended yet we have all the fun by ourselves =D We singK in her house and we were asking for more happy hours..
Time's UP and Francis whom was the organizer beg us all to leave.haha xD
Many of my friends espacially Qing Hua had changed alot i think.
He has become "MAN" and also "GENTLEMAN" ^^
I love this word because it sounds comfortable x)
He took 15 subjects in his SPM and what's get me shocked!
Teacher Toh has also changed alot.
Maybe it's has been ages since I last saw her in school. She's currently teacher in other primary school.
I hope she can place herself well there~
2010 is here. I pra that all the blessing and all the confident will be upon everyone I LOVES.
Daddy, Mummy, Brother and Sister.
May GOD bless U all~

Doughtnuts for 20 of us~ haha xD

ZiJun. ZiyIng. QianweN

Me and beloved teacher =D

Eve and HoNey ^^

TangtAng* Qingwah and me!

Some of the boys~

Me and Foo Hong~ a weird guy but a humour one..

[*4 in 1* ]

QingWah and Zi Jun~

They are talking.. since we dint meet so long^^

 Miss the happy hours together!
Our "monitar" is pointing at a dog?
WenXuan and me^O^
He's a pro singer o!

Welcome 2010!
Wish those who are going to NS:
Have fUn ^^
MISS U ALL~~~~~~

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