Dyed my hair because of an event. haha! 
It's actually a photo shooting for the 2010 new year hair colour.
called by a friend whom was a hair styalist.
My picture was published on the Zhong Guo newspaper 28th of January! 
was so excited! haha xD
happy to hv a good experience.
I <3 Modelling~


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Trompe said...

I saw the newspaper but didn't sure if that was you. xD

♥ -- | a h ¥ α n ×× said...

like ur photos so much
u r pretty =)

我只希望你会开心。。。 said...


-XRomanceX- said...

Wish you good luck.

DreamingKeyZ said...

Nice, too bad my house don't buy "zhong guo bao"..

Anonymous said...

Nice photos. But one question. How can you be a model when you are so short?

*-hAnLi-* said...

yerr... say me short.. haha. it's juz a face shot. not a runway modelling. I am not qualified yet.. haha xD

Anonymous said...

wow .. u r damn beautiful ..
when u r 18 , go and take part miss malaysian .