Since the year 2010 start, I hardly have time to update my latest news here.
Some of my friends keep asking me to update, some ask me the reason.
So, I am back! but just for this last post.
I left Chong Hwa today and I am going to start my new life at PJ.
Will be studying in UNITEN~
T.t I will be missing u all~ I hope that you wont lost contact with me next time~
Friends that still in CHonghwa, Miss me <3
Friends hat hada left Chonghwa, miss me too~
because I miss u all!!!! T.T

So sad~
But yet happie!
Thank GOD for giving me this path!
I will follow his footsteps forever~
Wynnne, I just felt that we had a gap between us~
I am not sure what's the meaning..
Maybe this is the end?

Maybe I will be meeting someone else new, making some new friends
Friendship can be forever only with the affort of two friends but not one.
Remember what the word says?
" CLAP with a hand, silent wil occur "
That what I want to say today.

BE hardworking ya!
The world is good.
Gambatte inn every single work you do.

We make a deal ya ^^
my friends:
after 10 years,
tel me where you are,
still studying or start working?
some might be on the FRONT PAGE of star paper!!
some might be a photographer,
some might be a doctor,
some might be a super star!
some might be super model,
some might be a cooker,
somemight just stay in home,
Whatever will be, will be,
but everyone must do this........    invite me to your wedding!


Friends and family.
Be happy!

6 comment:

'WEi said...

y it must b after 10 years?
i want every year keep contact with u ^^

BlaDenS said...

y dun wan tell me tis news earlier leh??
so no more come to school??

ying =) said...

amoi. my dear <3
i wan to keep in touch with u. not after 10yrs. but everyday.
send me a msg when u free. =)
i miss ya soo muchhie!
pls dun forget me.
bcuz. i will not forget u.
u r so important in my life.
as u never know how important it is.
i hope. u will be happier in ur uni life.
i hope. u will be happier everyday.
all the best to you, my dear <3
love u. *muacks*

*-hAnLi-* said...

Wei : U say every year will keep in touch with me de o! dont breake ur promise ='D

BlaDens: I did tel u ar~ But wasnt sure that time >< haha~ nop. not going back unless I have the time=) wait for me!!

YingZ: u're my dearest~ I also wanna keep in touch with u~ U got what event must remember to invite me ar! I hope to join u every second! if i have any events definately welcome u ='P muack!! <3

joyous Zhen said...

wat r u studying?

all the best to you! =)

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................