peace :)

Well, It's MAY. going to JUNE!
haha : )
happy to get a job at Pavilion.
Happy to get along with everyone.
Happy that next year start my Mass Comm course.
I hope everyone will be happy too!!

Well, when I was young, I hope to be a good teacher when i grew up.
But when time passes..
Strange feeling started to occur.
I felt like being just a seller.
Selling nasi lemak.
( This was what I told to most of my friends)
Well, then I start modeling.
I love it!
I felt confidence standing infront of crowd.

Am I going to be successful though?
well. Trying hard!!


2 comment:

J.u.ne said...

sweetie, what job u got? modelling?

KHY said...

gambateh =)
go achieve ur dream ya ^^